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How do I amend or un-submit a report?

To amend a report, go to the financial ledger. Click on the "Show Details" button on the left side of the ledger. This will show all transactions entered under a specific reporting period.

Click on the row you need to amend. The row will then highlight in yellow and on the end of the row an "Amend" button will appear. Click this button and amend the transaction as needed. Once the transaction is saved the amendment will automatically show on the filed report.

If you need to make changes to a filed report before the reporting deadline, please contact our office, and we can un-submit the report for you.

Created: 6/8/2012 Last Modified: 5/6/2015

How do I register a new entity (PIC, PAC, Corp, etc.)

You will first need to create a new user. If you already have a username you will need to log in.

Once you have created your user you will click on create entity. Choose the type of entity you would like to register. Fill in the required information on the form. PACs and PICs -- make sure to click "Remove" on the additional fields you do not intend to fill out.

Once you have entered the required information, click "Save." Your information will be submitted for approval. You will receive an email letting you know the status of your registration within 5 business days.

Please note that candidates and political parties must call the Lt. Governor's Office to have their entity created.

Created: 6/8/2012 Last Modified: 5/6/2015

How do I submit a 30 day contribution report?

Candidates, officeholders, PICs, and PACs must report all contributions within 30 days of receiving the contribution. To make this report, simply enter the contribution information into the financial ledger. Once that information is put into the ledger you have fulfilled the 30 day reporting requirement. You do not need to hit the "file report" button.

Created: 1/4/2012 Last Modified: 5/6/2015

How do I submit a report?

To submit a report you will log into your account and go to the Financial Ledger (found in "My Folder").

Input the required contributions and/or expenditure into the financial ledger.

Once you have inputted everything into the ledger, click the "File Report" button on the far right of the ledger.

If you have a large number of transactions you may also submit a report using the Excel import sheet. This sheet can be found on the bottom right corner of the financial ledger. Follow the instructions found on the import sheet.

Created: 6/8/2012 Last Modified: 5/6/2015

I've created a new user why can't I see the financial ledger?

Your username must be tied to your entity account.

If you are a candidate, the Lt. Governor's Office has likely created your account for you. Please contact our office and we can tie your username to your account.

If you are creating a new user to be tied to an existing Corporation, PAC or PIC please contact our office.

Created: 6/8/2012 Last Modified: 5/6/2015

What are the financial disclosure reporting dates for 2015?

Created: 6/8/2012 Last Modified: 5/6/2015

Where can I find a glossary of terms?

For campaign and financial reporting terms and definitions, click here.

For lobbyist disclosure terms and definitions, click here.

Created: 5/19/2015 Last Modified: 5/20/2015

Where can I find financial disclosure requirements?

Click here for the Lieutenant Governor's Elections website or click here for the Utah State Code.

Created: 6/8/2012 Last Modified: 5/6/2015